A Compilation of Straightforward Chants To Help You Manifest Your Intentions While You Use The Citrine Crystal 

Thanks for Your Order! Now that you have the most powerful stone in your hands, a Book of Magical Chants will make it all the more powerful. You can choose your intention and practice your chanting ritual while holding your Citrine Crystal.

If you have no idea how to manifest your desires and make things easier for you on a daily basis then this is for you..

Now that you're in possession of the Citrine Crystal, all the more reason that you need this in your life.


If you don't know any chants to go along with your Citrine Crystal this has everything you need.

If you are not in a good place mentally and emotionally, you lack sleep and you get panic attacks in the middle of the grocery store.


And peace of mind and tranquility is something you haven’t had for a long time.

There’s a perfectly logical explanation why this is all happening to you.

You don’t have to blame yourself because none of this is your fault.


Someone might have put a spell on you or you never cleansed your surroundings..

By cleansing, I don’t mean sweep or wipe the floors

What I mean is you haven’t cleaned the energies surrounding you.

It means that you are in a bubble of bad energies

Imagine a huge bubble and you’re inside it and all the positive energies are outside the bubble

Floating Bubble


Do you know what happens when atoms collide?










They create destructive forces. They create MORE NEGATIVE ENERGIES

And that my dear is the cause of your chain reactions of misfortune





There was a study called  “Language Can Boost Otherwise Unseen Objects Into Visual Awareness,”

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison cognitive scientist and psychology professors have confirmed the power of language to alter perceptions and the power of a single word..


download (2).jpgHappy-man.jpg

“When we speak, the sound waves not only carry the message spoken but also creates an impact on the person on the receiving end.  At times, this impact lasts forever. If it’s sweet it can boost a person’s energy and bring out good.”

You can use it in a good way, something that can heal and create abundance or something that can harm anyone or anything for that matter, like poison.









There is a famous myth that when the islanders of the Solomon Islands of the Pacific want to cut down an enormous tree that seems difficult to chop down, they perform a special kind of curse. It’s called curse magic.


The people of Solomon Islands yell and say negative things, at the top of their voices, to the trees. As a result of this negative energy transmitted to the tree, the tree dies and falls to the ground in some days.



There were many studies and experiments done on plants in which the same plants were placed in three separate rooms.


In one room kind words were spoken, in the second harsh words were spoken and in the third room, there was pin-drop silence.


The results showed that the plants which were exposed to kind words grew a little more than the other two.



"The inner-dialogue you attach to any given situation makes it a reality in your mind."


                                                                There was a movie called “YES MAN”, it starred Jim Carrey and it was                                                                  done because of the research of the power of YES.

                                                               If the word YES is powerful, what more is a series of enchanted words

                                                               and mantra?





There was also a study done by Dr. Emoto

He studied water for many years through high-speed photography of water crystals and by the use of MRA, a vibration measuring device, he records emotional vibrations in humans,


Dr. Emoto observed that water reacts to the sound vibrations.


The water crystals formed beautiful shapes when words of love were spoken near the water.

But when harsh words were spoken the water turned into destructed shapes.


The research of Dr. Emoto shows that water has memory and effects on things


It can have a strong impact on human consciousness since a human body contains 70% water.


So the words we hear have impressions on our heart and mind because the water inside reacts accordingly


Magic words or words of power are words which have a specific, and sometimes unintended, effect.



A friend of mine, Karen, lost her house after her divorce with her husband, aside from that she also lost the custody battle for her two kids.

She was weeping in agony, her husband has more money and connections than her and he got everything.


She was having nightmares and panic attacks because of all the stress.



How will she go on with her life without her kids whom she loved so much and without a house they bought together?



She was staying at her parent’s house when she called me. Knowing Karen, she was never a believer of energies, law of attraction, mantras, chants.










Calling me was her last resort, it means she really needed HELP.


I met her at her parent’s house and I began to explain the power of words.


She was broke when we met so I taught her something that she could use regardless of her situation.


I gave her a very powerful tool that’s very easy to use and it gives detailed instructions on how to properly and most effectively use it.


For 3 months, she performed a ritual with chants and mantras. It only takes less than 5 minutes.


Every day for 3 months..


Her words echoing in her entire body, all her intentions spoken out loud. The things she wanted to happen.


Get her kids back and get her life back.


After 6 months, they filed an appeal on the custody battle and lo and behold, she won full custody on her children.


And part of the deal was their old house will be sold and her husband and her will share the profits.


She’s now living with her two kids in a house she mortgaged by herself.


She is now a life optimization coach and she earns pretty well on it.


She used her pain as a catalyst in helping people


And the magical chants to get what was taken from her.

Mantra magic feels a whole lot like praying, and with every mantra, you’ll read the words out loud.













You can read them over and over again for days on end.


As often as you need. Reading any mantra for 21 days in a row is highly effective


As easy as chanting the words and saying it aloud will do the trick.


Don’t hold back and ask for what you want.



As for Dr. Emoto’s study, the sound (Mantras/Chants) is vibrated through your consciousness.



Since you are made of 70% water, your mind and body will react to it.


It will then create the reality in your mind.


That will soon enough become your new reality.

However, there are so many chants and mantras offered online. Due to its popularity and effectiveness, so many imitations of the real thing.

This is different, before compiling them and curating them into one book. I’ve enchanted all the spells.




I enchanted them one by one and I put them to the test. I have been doing this for 20 years and I want my clients at Your Astrology Language to live the best life so I am only giving you THE BEST and 100% effective.


The Words Used for chanting do matter


Studies show that the words used for chanting do seem to matter. If you just use any old word it doesn’t seem to work or some other type of spiritual word. Specialized magical chants are the ones that work


The Magical Book of Chants is an easy-to-read book full of simple spells that you can use on a daily basis.

  • 77 easy to read and simple chants

  • Protection spells for your house

  • Protection spells for yourself

  • Protection Spells from Nightmares

  • Chants that attract Love

  • Chants that attract Money

  • Chants that calm stress and ease anxiety

  • Chants to raise creative energy

  • Chants for Pain relief


The Magical Book of chants will help you in several ways:

  • If you feel you are in a chain reaction of misfortunes and you get enemies and you feel as if you’re in danger from other supernatural elements.

  • If you don’t have a good night’s sleep because of nightmares

  • If you haven’t found the love of your life and constantly failing.

  • If you are always struggling with money, your income is not enough and you have no savings.

  • If you are having anxiety and you get panic attacks.

  • If you are feeling lethargic or depressed

  • If you have crystals and don't know any rituals

  • If you meditate and want to reach a deep state

  • If you are a beginner and know nothing about chants and rituals this is a great place to start.

  • This is good for helping to focus thoughts/intentions.

  • If you’re having a bad day

Other Benefits of Chanting:

  • It makes Us Healthier

Chanting “OM” or any spiritual word calms our mind and decreases stress, as a result, we become healthier and it boosts our immune system which makes us less likely to become ill.

  • Chanting can heal the body

Chanting can heal in the most amazing ways and this has been proven on Buddhist culture and it has a correlation with the book Magical Chants and Mantras

  • Chanting gives us more energy

Chanting boosts our energy levels. Monks chant for hours which proves that chanting does have a powerful energizing effect on the body.

  • Chanting reduces Anxiety and Fear

Chanting regulates the hypothalamus. Which is the control center of our emotions it also calms down the amygdala the control center of fear, if these two are in flight or fight mode, a panic attack occurs.

  • Chanting Can Create a Better Mood and Lowers Stress Hormones

It creates more endorphins which give us a better mood it also helps those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

  • Chanting Creates Better Sleep

With fewer stress chemicals in our brains and bodies, it helps us sleep better

  • Chanting Creates Positive Outlook

Because of changes in brain chemistry when chanting. Those who chant develops an optimistic outlook.

Are you ready to accept the Magical Book of Chants into your

 life and manifest your daily needs from your simplest to your most complex desires?


Are you ready to invite positive energy flow into your life?


Are you ready to bring change in all aspects of your life – your family, your physical and emotional health, your business, and your career…


If you’re ready to attract the goodness in your life and embrace change


Attract, love, wealth, bring protection to your family…


Be physically and emotionally healthy…


We'd like to invite you to acquire your own Magical Book of Chants, you will forever be thankful for its benefits. 



Order My Magical Book Of Chants and Mantras Now




Words are empowered language. Words can create or destroy.

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60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee Seal

I'm absolutely confident that you'll see results from it and this is why I'm confident to offer you a 60-day unconditional 100% money – back guarantee. If for any reason you do not feel like this is for you, email us and we'll refund 100% of your money back.


The book gives detailed instructions on how to properly and most effectively use the chants. It doesn't waste your time with fluff that many other chant books are fond of using. It contains a list of magical chants and it’s very easy to find the chant you want. This book helped me calm myself down when I’m embraced with fear.

Angela Jennings


These chants totally work! This has been my Nightmare Protection for years now and it helped my child sleep soundly throughout the night.

Caitlyn Brooks


I really have fun having this book. I will read again and again and again. Everyone should have this book. Yes, words are powerful, creepy even. If you chant something that you want, it will exactly be given to you. Try to find out!

Steve Kitch

I purchased this book out of curiosity, not knowing how powerful it is. I am not familiar with spells, but I do meditate with the power of intent. This is perfect for a beginner like me. The spells are brief and simple but that doesn't decrease their effectiveness. It helped me get the things that were taken away from me.

Morgan White


There are chants in this book that are designed to clear out all of the static in my head. Now I can fully focus on what I’m trying to manifest. And little by little it’s slowly picking up. It's awesome how powerful yet calming a simple chanting can be.

Ken Wintle

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Finding real and enchanted mantras that work are incredibly hard to find.


Magical Book of Chants and Mantras

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