The Ultimate Answer to Unlock the Secret of Everything 

YOU Want in Life is …


“There is No Spoon”

In just a moment you'll discover how an 18 year old blockbuster movie holds the key to you living the dream life you have always desperately wished for….


“So says some of today's most brilliant scientists!”

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Remember the “Spoon scene” from the movie, The Matrix. 

Neo, the main character, is sitting in a waiting room with a child that is dressed in Buddhist style robes.


The child looks at a spoon and the spoon bends into several shapes then comes back to it's original shape. 


The child looks at Neo, hands him the spoon and says,


“Do not try to bend the spoon, that's impossible.

Instead only try to realize the truth.”

Neo responds,


“What truth?” 


And the child says, 


“There is no spoon.”


Neo smirks, looks at the spoon in his hand and says, 


“There is no spoon?” 


The child – ignoring Neo's skepticism – explains, 


“Then you'll see, it is not the spoons that bends it is 

only yourself.”


And with that Neo holds up the spoon, looks at his reflection 

in it, and tilts his head to the left… 


and the spoon follows. 


The message of the scene is simple, people in the Matrix can 

bend the matrix to their will, if they understand the nature of the Matrix.


Just think how the people who rescued Neo have superhuman strength and speed. 


That's because they know and understand the nature of the Matrix. 


Imagine, for just a moment if that were true. 


If you could bend and shape reality into any form that you wanted simply by realizing there is no reality and it's all just a simulation…. 


An interpretation of information that is being processed by your brain.

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“There's a billions to one chance we're living in base reality.”


Almost like having super powers.


You don't know it yet, but in the next few minutes you're going to find out that you can do EXACTLY that, right now! 


In this presentation, I am going to share some pretty strange ideas. 


Some of them are thousands of years old, and some of them are cutting edge scientific discovery. 


You might find yourself feeling a little confused. 


I can tell you I was very confused the first time I was exposed to this stuff. 


I understand no one likes that feeling, but if you'll stick with me to the end you'll thank yourself for doing it. 


Just remember, confusion is the feeling we get when our brain is searching for an answer. 


Even though it's a bit unsettling and unpleasant, if you stick with me and work through that feeling, you'll understand how you can easily and quickly Bend Reality to your will.

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You'll understand why things haven't worked for you in the past

And how you can easily and quickly design and get the life you want, no matter what that life looks like or how many times you have failed in the past. 


There are powers that don't want you to know about this secret. 


I'll explain more about them later. 


For now I want you to know that because they have actively kept this information hidden from you, they have kept you away from your dreams. 


The failing in your life aren't your fault, it is the fault of the people who actively work to keep these secrets hidden from mankind. 


Secret societies and the politically powerful who use these secrets to gain power while they subjugate mankind… they are responsible for the failings in your life. 


But starting now, you will find yourself behaving like a force of nature. 


Able to seemingly change reality at your whim. 


You'll attract the right friends and connections, money, sex…anything you want can be yours, once you understand this one, little known and hidden secret. 


Imagine for a moment if all of reality were just an easily manipulable simulation that you could reshape into anything you wanted to. 


What would you bring into your life?

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What is it you would want, if you could create it with just a thought? 


Well you can, even though you don't know you can yet. 


In this presentation, I'm going to prove to you the most unbelievable idea you've ever heard is true. 


Here it is…the concept that, once you realize it is true will change your life, forever. 


“The Matrix” is real. That's right,we live in a “simulation.” 


What you believe you see and hear and touch and taste is just an interpretation your brain makes of information that your senses pick up. 


There are rules to this “simulation,” but within those rules we can change and alter reality…


I know you're probably rolling your eyes right now, but stick with me because I'm going to prove it to you. 


And if you do stick with me for just a few moments, your life will be changed forever. 


We live in a Matrix-like virtual world, and you can bend our world to your will. 


I know it sounds unbelievable. 


I thought so too… 


When I first heard the idea I thought to myself, “Well why can't I just fly like Neo did in the Matrix?”

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The answer, of course, is…that's a movie. 


There are rules to this virtual world, and you have to follow them if you want to get what you want out of life. 


So if you want a billion dollars, you can create it and have it flow to you, but you have to follow the process. 


And the process you follow is the same, no matter what you want. 


It's easy, quick, and reliable. 


And if you follow it you can have anything you'd like. 


If you don't, you'll just keep bobbing around like a raft on a storm tossed sea. 


Now look, the fact that we have to follow a process to create the life of our dreams doesn't make our almost supernatural power any less amazing. 


It just means we have to work within an overall system to create what we want in this simulation that we call the world. 


Stick with me for this entire short presentation, because I'm going to prove to you that what I am saying is true, and reveal how you can use this little known secret to create the life of your dreams.

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It can all be yours for the taking, if you can get your head around the truth of our world… 

you can create anything you want in your life, with your mind.

Before I Reveal Exactly HOW

There's just two things I have to ask of you. 


1. Close your email, put your phone in airplane mode, and shut and lock your door so there are no interruptions. For reasons I will explain in just a minute, I can't guarantee this presentation will be up in a month, or a week, or even and hour. 


2. You are FAR more powerful than you know or understand. Releasing your power to create and manifest carries countless blessings, but it can also bring terrible consequences to bear on the unethical. 


So I am demanding that you make a “pact” with me before you watch this presentation. 

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If you continue reading this letter, you agree to only use the information I am sharing with you to help, empower and uplift yourself and others. 


In this virtual reality we call the Universe, there are plenty of all resources for everyone.


There is no way to ever go without, if you understand and use your true, inherent power. 


So there is never a reason to harm or subjugate anyone, ever! 


If you keep watching from this point on, you willingly enter this pact with me, and you agree to abide by it.


Are you still here? 




Then it's almost time to explain to you exactly how this all works. 


But first, I want to introduce myself. 


My name is David Orwell. 


Well, that's my pen name anyway. 


I'm using a pen name because, as I mentioned earlier, there are some very powerful and entrenched interests that would keep me from revealing this powerful and transformative information to you. 


You see, there are people who know the world isn't what it seems, and many of them use this knowledge and insight into the nature of reality solely for personal gain and power over others. 


I don't see anything wrong with having more money and comforts. 


Heck, I have greatly increased my wealth and lifestyle with the secret I'm going to share. 


And why not? 


This virtual universe we live has more abundance that we could ever imagine. 


By definition, it's impossible to run out of anything…


Because everything is just information given form by our interpretation of it. 


(I'll explain a little more about that in a minute, just trust me for a quick moment.) 


However, the entrenched powers seek to keep us living in an imagined state of scarcity.


They want us fighting over resources that we should never need to fight over, 


so they can maintain power over us and keep hording ridiculous 


amounts of wealth for themselves.. 


Their ability to enslave us would end if we all understood the power each of us has inside. 


If you could bend reality to be anything you want, others could no longer impose their will upon you.

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