The Golden Royal Toad 

It has the powerful ability to keep abundance flowing and attract immense wealth into your doorstep. It symbolizes prosperity and guards against bad luck.


It is the symbol of prosperity and wealth and the KING of money.

If you are in possession of this KING, Wealth and Abundance will flow right at the palm of your hands.


The Golden Royal Toad has a coin in its mouth, symbolizing that it gathers all the wealth to bring into your home. Feng Shui practitioners place it on a bed of Gold coins like it’s sitting on a treasure..


On a Full Moon, it is said to believe that this Mythical creature appears on front doors of houses or businesses that are about to receive the good news of incoming wealth..


And this is why the Golden Royal Toads are kept inside the houses and office desks of many successful business owners in Southeast Asia so that they can continue to receive more good news.


It has even traveled far into the West where it helped Sarah Shurety become a millionaire.

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The Legend of Jin Chan

The Royal Toad is the legendary animal of the Han people which traces back into ancient China. The legend goes that when the Daoist God Liu Hai, the kind and helpful God who’s always willing to lend a helping hand encountered an injured fox in the mountains. To help the fox he transformed it into a girl, in exchange for his goodwill, the girl wanted to help him become a God.


In order to do this, they needed to trick a toad into a well, so that the pair could ascend together. The trick was successful and Liu Hai was able to use the frog’s power to become a god. This toad is supposed to be the Jin Chan.


For this to work, they tricked a toad into a well so that the girl and Liu Hai could soar together.

Because of this Liu Hai became a God through the powers of Jin Chan.

Today, it is a popular belief that Jin Chan’s power lies on his symbolism which is The Golden Royal Toad. A charm that attracts and protects wealth, brings prosperity and harness good luck.

According to Feng Shui, the proper placement of The Golden Royal Toad affects the energy flow in our lives.


Our belief also gives it more positive energy that helps it reach its full potential, providing us of what we desire..


Positive energy flow affects how we think, as well as our actions it gives us peace of mind and tranquility..


The key to achieving ABUNDANCE and WEALTH is through the possession of this Golden Royal Toad .



There are certain rules that YOU NEED TO KNOW in order to reach its full energy..  And not harness the opposite, which is BAD LUCK

  1. Never place them in a bathroom, in the kitchen, or in your bedroom

  2. Never place them on the floor

  3. Never take the coin out of its mouth

  4. Keep the surroundings of the money toad clutter-free

  5. Place them on top of a drawer/cabinet or cash register

  6. Place it on the corner of your living room, facing your front door entrance. Find the South East wealth corner of your house

  7. You can maximize the effect by having two money toads, the other one facing outward and the other one facing inward. The two toads symbolizes that the other one is attracting while the other one is collecting wealth.  

Here's how you should place your Golden Royal Toad 

  1. Place the money frog near the entrance.

  2. It should face inside the house

  3. Placing it in SE (the wealth area) of living room is good for business.

  4. For enhancements in career, place it in North (the career zone) of living room.

  5. You can also place it near your table in your office.

Are you ready to change your life and receive The Golden Royal Toad?

Are you ready to let positive energy flow into your home?


If you’re ready to receive all the good luck, wealth and prosperity…


If you want yourself and those in your household to achieve great success and abundance…


To have good fortune, comfort and serenity


And most importantly have positive energy to flow within yourself and in all aspects of your life – your family, business, and your career…


Click the link below to claim your Golden Royal Toad and its benefits that you will forever be thankful for…

The Golden Royal Toad

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the Golden Royal Toad? What are the advantages?
The Golden Royal Toad symbolizes wealth and prosperity. The Toad is the symbolic animal of the Han dynasty. In the Chinese folklore, Jin Chian’s powers helped the Daoist God Liu Hai become a God.


The Golden Toad will bring wealth, good luck, abundance, and prosperity to one’s household.


2) How many Golden Frogs can I keep?

You can get up to 9 frogs. But there is no validation about this. To maximize the effect, you can get two frogs. One facing outwards and the other one facing inwards.


3) Where should I place them?

You should place them in the Southeast corner of your house. Not in your bedroom, not in your bathroom, not on the floor, and never in the kitchen.


4) Should I activate my Golden Royal Toad? What are the instructions?

I will activate your Golden Royal Toad on your behalf before sending it to you. When you receive it, you will already be holding a very special key to attract wealth, prosperity and abundance.

5) Do you ship outside the US?

Yes we ship worldwide for free​.

6) How big is the Royal Golden Toad?

Here are the Specifications:
Size: 6.5 x 6 x 5cm / 2.56 x 2.36 x 1.97"
Weight: 157g(approx.)

The Golden Royal Toad

Screenshot 2018-12-06 at 2.28.53 AM.pngOrder Now for Only $19.95

Retails for $49.95

Free Shipping Included

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